Friday, February 19, 2010

Post surgery update

Last Thursday, David underwent the following procedure:

His doctor made a 6 inch incision over his knee cap, cut off a third of his patella (the thing that the Dr hits to check your reflexes), drilled two holes through his femur and tibia (the "big leg bones" :)), inserted the patella in place of his ACL (interior ligament), and connected it to his bones with a drill and screws. Then they cut off the parts of his meniscus that were damaged (the cushion between your 2 leg bones) and cauterized the salvageable pieces together.

It hurt like heck. (Still hurts like heck.)

And for some weird reason, neither one of us expected it to be quite this bad.

8 days later and David is still in the bed. . .still immobile...still totally dependent on me for food, water, toilet access, drugs, machine operation, sponge baths, etc.

We are both exhausted. David probably has bed sores. And I have cabin fever.

A few more days and we both might lose it. This could turn into a scene from Misery real quickly. Pretty sure I've got a little Kathy Bates trapped in me somewhere.

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