Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dear Doctor,

The morning of David's surgery, we decided we would write a few reminder notes to his surgical team, you know, just to ensure that we were all on the same page:

After the surgery the doctor told us that he chuckled as they removed the sheet covering David's body and one of the people assisting him said, "We-Knee? What in the world is a We-Knee?"

The rest of the team was completely cracking up and that one person just kept saying, "We-Knee?? Someone please tell me what a We-Knee is. A We-Knee???"


Cori said...

HILLARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure the dr's got a kick out of it :) praying for the recovery process to speed up!!

Kam said...

I'm telling you...that is about the funniest thing ever. Seriously, you both are hysterical. Thanks. I groomed my overgrown schnauzers back hurts, my hip hurts and now my jaw hurts from smiling. This is hilarious. I worked in the OR for 7+ years...I can just picture these people asking that question, "what's a we-knee?" Thanks again.

CarolynCraddock said...

OK I just made Josh come in here from the other room to see this and we both laughed till we cried... Seriously... only you two would do this! Why don't we live closer??... we could entertain each other for hours!!

The Elliott's Happenings said...

Hahahahahahahaha!!! That is so great!


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