Tuesday, September 30, 2014

[ thank you. ]*

I am happy to announce that starting tomorrow I will be a full-time stay-at-home mama to two of the coolest girls around.

This decision has been something that I have wanted for as long as I can remember, but oddly enough it has not been an easy one.  The Lord clearly called me into ministry while studying His Word in high school, and over the years He continued to clarify that call.  It has been a blessing to see that call come into fruition . . . and to be able to do so through the church that discipled me as a new believer made it especially rewarding.

Over the past 8 years I have served in many roles in our church, from Communications to Vision and Strategic Planning.  I have genuinely loved each role, but found deepest satisfaction in my most recent role as Director of Rescue Ministries.

But after giving birth to our sweet Afton, and taking 2 months off, David and I realized a few things:

1. The Lord took care of us financially during those two months while we went without my pay.  Yes, David had to work extra, but we realized it was doable.  With faith, hard work, creativity and sacrifice, we could figure out how to make it work long-term.  (We think! If not, I may be sending you my resume. Ha!)

2.  I loved, loved, loved being able to pour into my girls every day without being in front of a computer screen working or in meetings juggling them.  I found much fulfillment in being able to support my husband in the two ministries for which he is responsible.  AND I found myself with the freedom to actually do more "ministry" for those around us.

3. The Lord calls us to different things for different seasons, and by walking away from vocational ministry for a time would not mean disobeying His call.


4. If I didn't make the jump now, I may never do it.  We realized that I love my job SO MUCH that if I went back to work and continued to pour all of my energies into it that it would only get more difficult to walk away.

So, my first week back to work in early August, I sat down with our pastor and shared my heart, and told him that I would work through September to allow leadership to formulate a plan.

Although I am terribly sad (and scared!) about this transition, I am also ridiculously excited.

THANK YOU for your support and encouragement over the past (almost!) decade.  It has truly been a blessing to be able to serve the members of FBCL and our community.

I am incredibly thankful.


Unknown said...

Stephanie, you will love being with your girls all of the time....I know how excited they will be to have Mommy all of the time....You will cherish that time because it does fly by....and God will richly bless you in your decision..You will have no regrets....Yeah....Congratulations..

Unknown said...

Stephanie, you will love being with your girls all of the time and they will think it is so special to have you all of the time....I know it is a hard decision since you love your job so much, but time does fly do fast and you will never regret being with them.....Yeah....I am so happy for you and I know God will richly bless you for your decision... Hannah Mitchell

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, I am so proud of you and your decision. One of the best ones you've ever made. God will bless you more than you can imagine! Love you girl!! Carolyn


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