Monday, July 18, 2011

[Vacation :: Day 4]*

After our trip to St. George Island with the Gilberts, we headed to Rosemary Beach to spend a week with our good friends, the Nash's, Mulkey's and Hancocks.


By Day 4 there was a serious battle between my skin and the UV rays.

And my skin was losing.  Horribly, by the way.

In Alys Beach there is a darling (yes, dah-ling) little coffee shop called the Fonville Press:

(photo ganked from google images)

Since my skin was SCORCHED, I made my way to Fonville to avoid any interaction with the sun.

Since I only packed sleeveless shirts (big mistake), so I use a scarf/vest thing to cover as much exposed skin as possible and biked to the coffee shop.

A few minutes later, I was sitting in the coffeeshop's courtyard under a thatch-covered pergola, sipping a most-delicious iced mango tea and reading book #2 of the trip, when I reached a level of relaxation like never before.

I'm telling you, like never before.

Can I just explain this to you? My husband thinks I am a "hippie-weirdo"

(this photo was also ganked)

I was curled up in a wicker chair. The was a cool ocean breeze flowing through the thatched roof.  Water was dripping out of zen-like fountains. Birds flew in (seriously!) and were singing. SINGING!  (Well, chirping, but go with it).

Am I in a Disney movie? Is a mouse coming to make me a dress for the ball?


Soft music is playing in the background.  Islands in the Stream by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton.

Is my body turning to mush? My brain has slowed down.  I realize that I have read about 5 pages on my kindle and don't recall a single thought.

Is this what being on drugs feels like?

Oh my goodness.

If so, I need drugs in my life.

I decide to pull a few chairs together and lounge for a moment.

[In a coffee-shop, mind you.  Yet, I still feel like it is acceptable to form a bed out of their furniture and proceed to lay across them. The relaxation has obviously affected my decision-making abilities. Did they slip me a roofie?]

A child runs by and it startles me and I realize that I have been sleeping.

Full-on drool-induced coma.

[I'm still not sure how long I was passed out.]

I slung my scarf/vest/ cape thingy over my sun-fried shoulders and hoofed my Huffy back to the house in total embarassment.

But even the embarassment couldn't keep me away. For the rest of our trip, I made at least 2-3 trips A DAY down to Fonville for the liquid crack they were pushing as "mango tea".

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