Tuesday, March 29, 2011

[ India ]*

Wow! You people are AMAZING!!

It has been such a blessing to see people get so excited about what God is doing in India! The feedback has been such affirmation for us and a true faith-builder revealing even further God's people's hearts for those who cannot help themselves.

Let me fill you in on some details of what we hope to accomplish in India:

[ Goal 1 ]:
Build a home (or buy a home) for the orphans that are currently being cared for by a couple, Edwin & Bujji, who only makes $45 / month:

[ Goal 2 ]*

Sponsorship of each orphan to provide for their basic needs:

[ Goal 3 ]*

Support the David Levi Guinn School, which was started with the help of our friends, Jami + Jeff Guinn and named in memory of their son, Levi. The school offers free education to the village children (whose parents would otherwise be unable to afford to send their kids to government schools). In addition to traditional education, the kids (who are primarily from Hindu families) are taught about the Bible and Jesus Christ.  We are praying for ways to be able to pay the operational expenses of the school, specifically the yearly lease and staff salaries. Just to give you an idea, the teachers are paid $20-28/ month based on their experience.)

[ Goal 4 ]*

Let me just tell you that I feel selfish even mentioning this again, because it is personal, but I figured it should be included in the list: We hope to provide a loving home for at least one, maybe three, of the children. Why mention this? Because every day we are talking with lawyers in India and the U.S. and the road has already been extremely emotional.  Some days things fall into place beautifully and then there are days like today where we get discouraged by how impossible the situation seems.  So, I mention it as a goal, so that, hopefully, you will pray for us.  It is difficult to explain how strongly God has put this in our heart and the thought of it not coming to fruition is too difficult to even consider.

A lot of you have contacted us and said that you want to get involved.  It might take me a while to get back to all of you, but slowly I am getting through the emails, facebook messages, and phone calls and will let you know how you can help specifically.

If you have not contacted me, but want to help in anyway, just let me know and I will get you more details.

Again, thank you for sharing your hearts with us.  I say this everyday, but we really are surrounded by unbelievably amazing people.

We are so blessed.

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