Saturday, February 26, 2011

[ Let's Pray ]*

Random/ vague request.

We check the stats on this blog and, well, over 3000 unique visitors (people) visit our site every day.


I don't know who, and I DEFINITELY don't know why!!?!?

Come on, people!

What I do know is that I am about to take TOTAL ADVANTAGE of you, whoever you are and whyever (new word) you are here. :)

If you are reading this, would you stop and spend a minute or two praying for us about something?  I'm not comfortable sharing details, but God has been working on us regarding a MAJOR decision.  (It is nothing bad.  It is very exciting, but slightly unnerving.)   Please just ask for clarity for us, good communication between us, and confirmation of what we believe He is telling us.

Again, I know this is so vague, and I do apologize, but also please know that we are so heavy-hearted right now and it would bring us more comfort than you can imagine to know that thousands of people were praying with us.

Thank you.  And I will try to keep my pleas to a minimum in the future. :)

P.S. Despite signs to the contrary, I'm a very private person.  Telling stories about our shenanigans is one thing.  Revealing my heart is an entirely different story.  I hope this doesn't come across rudely, we want to be sure that what we are hearing is from the Lord, before discussing it with anyone.    I hope you understand that.

P.S.S. Three-thousand Thank You's for interceding on our behalf.

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