Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Two Clueless People

Two very different photos:
(By David)

Photo One:

All day today Stephanie has been getting various comments from various people regarding her attire. She definitely was pushing the fashion envelope today, particularly here in Loganville. While just at the bank, two different men made comments out of the blue: "Whoa! I'm diggin' the blue!" said Guy 1. Guy 2 said, "I like that hat. It's kind of Parisian!" (Stephanie:)"Can you believe my co-workers have been making fun of me all day today because of this?" (Guy 2:) "SHAME ON THEM! And I just want to tell you 'thanks' for bringing a little culture to Walton County."

Second photo:

I'll keep it simple. This was just before I went into surgery. I had NO IDEA what I was about to put myself into. If I would have, I would have probably fought every person in the hospital to avoid it.


Hannah D said...

aaawww....ya'll have matching hats :) ...haha, only kidding!

steve, you're way stylish (as usual!) and dave, only you would look that energetic just before surgery!

love me some cannons!

Emilie Smith said...

y'all are hilarious : )

Amy Edwards said...

Love the boots!


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