Monday, February 15, 2010

Fair Wear 2008

There is no better place than the Gwinnett County Fair to go people-watch.

Last time we went, the guys decided that they would dress like the masses.

My husband was the only one who actually followed through. He arrived looking like this:

The rest of the men felt kind guilty. So, out came the pocket knives and the alterations began:

With the final unveiling of this bold display of manhood:

And the resulting attention was a little overwhelming.

People did not even try to hide their repulsion (or attraction in some cases):

People followed them with camera phones:

And some people even asked to shake their hands:

We, the people-watchers, had become the people-watched.


jodi said...

Okay, I'm going to pretend like I don't recognize the guy in the cut off shorts. He might want to hide those the next time there's a gay rights rally Atlanta.

Len Jacobs Cumbie said...

Think they were staring b/c Bear's cutoffs are dangerously teetering between Larry the Cable Guy and a non-hetero from South Beach! Funny stuff. :-)


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