Friday, February 11, 2011

[ Our Cast ]*


Our 9-5 work is never dull.

Which has made us wonder if we should start a reality show.

So far, this is the cast:

Our intern, Matt Meade:

. . .will be played by Jeffrey Dahmer:


Justin, our Worship Leader, who strolls the hallways strumming his guitar & singing throughout the day:

. . .will be played by:


Rick Bene. our Life Groups Pastor:

(photo taken by Chase Adams)

. . .played by:

Barry Hardin, our Facilities Manager (also known as "Eye Candy" by the teachers at our weekday preschool):

. . . .will be played by:


I'm pretty sure networks like MTV and E! would pass on the idea, but perhaps we can pitch a church-staff reality show to TBN?

I mean, we do already have our own pink-haired lady, Jenn:


Melia said...

Absolutely hysterical!! I would tune in every week!

Kristen Keeling said...

I would DVR it! (if I had cable....and a DVR)


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