Friday, February 11, 2011

[ David's going to INDIA (again!) ]*

David will be traveling to India soon on a mission trip.  I'll let him fill you in on the good stuff, but I just wanted to ask you for prayer for his team and the people they will meet while they are there. Also, please pray for their families who will remain back home.  

Here are the guys that are going:

I'm praying that God will do a huge work in Dave, as well, so if you want to join me in that prayer, you'd earn extra cool points in my book. ;)


katie davis said...

i like that david's the only one without his hands placed awkwardly in front. kudos, dave. and i am honored to pray with you for him and this trip=)

Kristen Keeling said...

I have this picture as my profile pic on Facebook and was informed by several close friends that I shouldn't advertise that my husband is out of the country for two weeks. Should we bunk together? And buy a taser? I know people.


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