Thursday, September 9, 2010

[ Ewwwww ]*

From our friend, Jessica:

"The first photo is for your blog!  I thought of you while on my trip...

The second one is deceiving.  It may appear that this young man is enjoying his time in the water relaxing and just kept his shirt on so he wouldn't get burned:

The third one proves the afore mentioned theory wrong!  Just a good ol redneck enjoying his fishing in the ocean working on his farmers tan.  Its a beautiful sight!"  


Cali and Steve VanHorn said...

this is great. steve and I were in pigeon forge last weekend and saw a man wearing cut off short jorts...awful. But to spice it up he wore spandex underneath (due to inappropriate holes in conspicuous places I assume). I said to Steve, "look at 3 o'clock." Steve says, "get the camera quick." We were carrying two toddlers in the rain and couldn't get a shot quick enough. If i had I would have emailed it to you. Oh, how I love living in east tennessee! :)

JYJiggy4JC said...

Where is my eye bleach when I need it!


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