Friday, September 10, 2010

[ Hil had a baby! ]*

My very best friend and her husband had a baby.

He is absolutely beautiful.  Beautiful and massive. (9 lbs. 10 oz.)

No c-section.

Take that in for a minute. 2 bags of sugar.

Yeah.  Hil instantly won the respect of everyone in that hospital with that one.  Word of her big baby and delivery have spread across the ward and nurses made trips to visit their to "see this huge baby that everyone is talking about".

His name is Carson Robert, and I tell you, he is precious.

The first time I saw him curled up in his mommy's arms--actually overflowing from his mommy's arms, I was completely smitten.  Hilary was looking down at him with such intense love.  I teared up (for the millionth time that day) just overwhelmed with the love that I knew she had for him.

Then my mind immediately went to another time when I had seen the same loving, longing look from her:

Yes, that is a pan of brownies that we are craddling with such admiration.

Ah, the unexplainable oddity that is 7th grade girls.

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