Sunday, August 29, 2010

[ For the love of mules & donkes ]*

Our friend, Keith is the children's pastor at our church.  Often times he will have the kids write notes to God.

Their simplicity and honesty is refreshing and eye-opening.  There have been many times when he has shared an anonymous note with me that leaves me completely humbled and with a clearer understanding of why Christ said we should come to him like the children do.

And then-- sometimes, there are notes like these--that provide a much-need little chuckle:

["Dear God, You are wonderful, awsome, amasing & I love you so much. And I just want to thank you for makeing me, reptiles, insects, birds, dogs, cats, squirls, bugs, horses, mules & donkes. And most of all thank you for food and water. Amen."]

["Hey God. What's up? I just got out of school and got on the bus and I thoght about honoring her today but it looks the bus driver today but looks like I'll do it tommoro."]

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