Monday, May 3, 2010

[ Stephanie Goes to Jail ]*

I married a man with a record.  Yep, 17 hours in the slammer--orange jumpsuit (with the sleeves ripped off)--the whole bit.


And we all know that birds of a feather flock together.

So, what can I say? It was only a matter of time until I did time too.

(Ah...what a legacy we are leaving for our future children).

On Friday, May 14th, my parole officer is coming to my work to pick me up and transfer me to the Big House.

Like my ex-con husband, I will also be put in handcuffs, have my mug shot taken...which hopefully will look like David's driver's license photo:


And I will be locked-up until I can make bond.

Unlike David, who did time for a FELONY (ie driving over a sea-oat), I am going in for a good great cause: helping abused & neglected children.

Here's the dealio: I'm on the board for an incredible organization, Loganville Community Ministry Village.  They help foster children, sexually abused children, and others who need help within our community.  It is one of those charity-gems that is the real deal and is making a powerful impact in so many kids lives who would otherwise be without an advocate.

I'm going to jail on behalf of those precious children and asking others to contribute towards my bail.

In paying my bond, you are:
1. Showing me that you love me & don't want me to suffer (thanks)
2. Contributing directly to helping those who need it most + are unable to help themselves (most important)
3. Getting a tax-deduction (Cha-ching!)

You can go ahead and contribute to my bail by clicking here. Be sure to type my name, Stephanie Cannon, in the "donate in someone's name" so that we are sure it goes towards my bail and not some other thug inmate's freedom.

Again, I will not be released until I make bail, so I am totally dependant on you!  Otherwise I am going to rot in the slammer! You don't want that on your conscious, do you??

Alright, anty-up people.  You can either pay now, or face desperate weekly phone calls asking you to smuggle in iced tea, dunkin donuts coffee, sudoku puzzles & episodes of LOST in a fresh batch of muffins.  Trust me, an online donation would be much easier in the long-run.

Want to learn more about LCMV? Visit


Hilary Mulkey said...

No worries - I will smuggle in episodes of Lost for you. And chocolate cobbler.

Anonymous said...

Okay now David's con name is Sweet Thang, what is your con name gonna be?


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