Thursday, May 27, 2010

[ Close Calls ]*

Perhaps my lack of web-presence has left you concerned about our well-being?  Take heart, friends; we are still kicking.

David HAS had some close calls this week though.

#1: Yesterday he witnessed a shoot-out and a hostage situation next door to his doctor's office.  (Not funny, but note-worthy.)

#2: Earlier he ran out of gas--yet again. He declined my offer to come get him from off of the side of the road near Winder, GA.  Instead he chose to start walking (with a paralyzed foot, mind you) and stick out his thumb to see if he could hitch a ride.  As soon as he stuck out his thumb a truck pulled over and a nice Hispanic man came to his rescue.

His name?


"I will take you to the nearest town. There is a gas station there", he said in his strong Spanish accent.  

The nearby town he took him to?


Yet again, praise the Lord, Jesus saves.


Kam said...

yay, i've missed you! i needed me some stephanie humor tonight! whew, THAT was a close call...i almost went to facebook instead of my dashboard.

oh, and thanks for saying you liked my dress.

Hannah D said...

Love the Jesus story, how fun :) Geeze, a shootout?! Where do you people live?! Sure glad Jones is okay!!! Miss you friend! Excited you're back to blogging!


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