Friday, May 28, 2010

[ St. Simon's - April 2010 - Part 1 ]*

A few weeks ago we went to St. Simon's Island with our friends Jessica + Mark.

There was lots of beach time for us girls. Catching up, laughing about the past & dreaming about our futures.  Fortunately there are no photos of the beach portion of our trip (other than the one above) because Jess + I agreed to a firm No beach photos rule.  There are just some things that you don't want all the world to see. 

Now that I think about it though, that rule doesn't seem so necessary.  Modest doesn't even come close to explaining our attire.

Prudish? Amish? PURITANICAL.

Jess decided to wear a mix-and-match bathing suit. Cool. Except she combined a top that had an attached skirt with a bottom that also had a skirt.  Yep, double coverage. We laughed at her the whole time. 28-years-old and elderly. The only thing missing was a parasol and some knickers. And somehow, despite all of her attempts to cover herself, her buttocks got TORCHED. She couldn't hardly walk for the rest of the trip, lathered herself in Noxzema and considered buying an inflatable donut to sit on in restaurants. 

. . .And of course, you can guess what the boys did:

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