Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Greatest Songs of the 90's

David & I are sitting here in our keeping room watching some quality cable programming:
VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of the 90's.

Ah, just listening to these classics is causing memories to flood in.

#98 Unbelievable (by EMF):

Growing up we had a stone fireplace with lights shining down on it.  I honestly believed it was built to be my personal stage.  At night I would cut off all the lights (except for the concert lights), crank up tunes and perform.  I was a double-threat of talent: singer & dancer. (It was ugly.  And my singing/dancing abilities have not improved.)

One night Unbelievable came on and I blasted it, jumped on my stage and worked it.  Worked it a little too much...slipped...busted my head open...and ended the evening with 10 stitches.

Still have a large scar above my eye--which I love cause I think it makes me look tougher.
Gives me street-cred.

Lifelong scar because of a one-hit-wonder. . .that's unbelievable. . .Oh!

#36 Everybody Dance Now (by C & C Music Factory)
13 years old. Panama City. Concert at La Vila.  Need I say more?

#19 Sabotage (Beastie Boys)
I had never seen this video.  (We didn't have cable growing up.) David was appalled because "It was so awesome". (Eye roll.)

But as we were watching it tonight, it immediately conjured up images from something I have seen.  Actually something we both saw on our 1st return trip from Belize:

In a post-9/11 world, airports are not a place for fun or pushing the envelope.  The TSA has the authority of physicians to explore your body. Of course, that is in America.  In laid-back Central American countries, airport security is a bit more laissez-fair. As proof, two jokers in front of us in line decided to wear disguises as we went through security.  And they made it through with no problem whatsoever.

(Seriously, do they not look just like the guys in the video???)

And last, but certainly not least, in my opinion:

#4 "I Will Always Love You" (No credit necessary)

When I was in the 7th grade, I went out with a boy for about "like" 5 days. At the end of the week, he broke up with me. I was DEV.A.STA.TED.

And as a result, I  **MAY HAVE**  called his house and played, "I will always love you".

It was not until just a few years ago that the thought crossed my mind that he may not have been the one to even answer the phone.  So, Richard, Myra or Matt Medlin, if you answered the phone one evening to find Whitney Houston pouring her heart out to you, it was actually meant for someone else.

Jason Medlin, if you did happen to answer the phone that night, rest assured, for the record, I don't still love you.


JessicaVorsatzHamby said...

I. LOVE. YOU though. ohh you make me laugh everytime I read your blog.

Amy said...

Lol! My song was "Everything I do, I do it for you" by Bryan Adams. I didn't call him up, but I did dedicate it on "Love Songs" on the radio. Of course, I'm a good bit older than you :( Please don't tell me if you don't even know that song!

Kam said...

thank you for making me laugh out loud yet again. seriously, we could be sisters.

Anonymous said...

hhhaaa Ya'll are soo funny!!!!!! The Coopers


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