Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pajama Jeans

Received the above email yesterday which confirmed that David and I do, in fact, live in the twilight zone.

Pajama Jeans are perfect for running to the corner coffee shop in comfy pants when you don’t want to zip into something more comfortable.
~ The Daily Muse

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Dreamy Denim

You see, David invented the "pajama jeans" when we were in college.  Jeans that you can sleep in.  He even had ideas on how the words should be pronounced during advertising: "Pajama Ja-eens".

At the time, I told him that was--and I quote--,  "the most idiotic idea in the history of the world."

Apparently I was wrong. (And David has asked for me to publicly admit it.)


Emilie Smith said...

oh, i need some of these.

Kam said...

keith and i invented "fundawear"...the underwear that's fun to wear back in the day. like, some day in the mid '80s. but alas, someone beat us to the patent. we did have firsties though. i know we did. and our ideas were way cooler than the dork who patented it. oh well. we'll just have to win the amazing race to get our millions. :)


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