Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lessons Learned [ Vacation :: Day 2 ]*

Things I learned today:

1. It is good to surround yourself with people who do not judge you when you eat multiple lunches.  It is great to surround yourself with people who tell you, "Those aren't lunches; A hamburger, baked beans and tater tots is a snack."

2. I had many "snacks" today.  It boosts my metabolism, right?  Eating three lunches should cause me to lose weight.  I may be coming back from this trip a string-bean.

3.  Fried fish tails are delicious.  As are grouper cheek and red snapper throat.  Oh, and oysters too: Apalach style, raw and fried.  Can't believe I resisted so long.  If you think you would hate them by have never tried, this is my plea, Give Oysters a Chance. They would be included in my "snack" list from today.  Getting skinnier by the minute.

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