Friday, April 1, 2011

[ NKOTB ]*

Speaking of New Kids on the Block . . .

In June of 2008, I sent the following email to my girlfriends:

I only have a few regrets from my childhood.  I regret trying to start a fist 
fight with a GUY in middle school.  I regret not wearing my retainers (or the 
rubberbands on my braces for that matter).  I regret playing “I will always love 
you” over the phone to a boy who I “went out with” for a week.  And I regret 
never going to see my first love, Joey McIntyre, in concert.  Well, I can’t do 
anything to make up for the first three regrets, but the fourth…oh, the fourth…I 
can FINALLY make good.  On October 29th, I plan on being at the New Kids on the 
Block concert . . .making one of my lifelong dreams come true!  (I got jittery just 
typing that.)  

Any takers to join me?  Tickets go on sale Monday morning and you better believe 
that I plan to purchase one as soon as they go on sale (since apparently they 
are selling out in minutes!) Is there any surprise there though?

So, if you would like to pull out your neon NKTOB shirt and matching scrunchie 
(or crimper, if you prefer) and join me on that night, please let me know.  
Seriously, someone has to come with me.  I would look rather silly all by 
myself, hanging over the stage, crying at Joey’s feet.  I at least need someone 
there to pull me off of him, should I get the chance to be near him. 

Maybe this will sway you a bit?


-Stephanie McIntyre Cannon


And, 10.29.2008, that dream came true.

So....not everyone donned their 80's best that night.  Actually, everyone (other than us) looked normal. . .what's with that?

The picture below displays perfectly is what we did the ENTIRE concert.  From the second they came on stage through the second finale, we were screaming.

And shaking.  And jumping.

And hugging one another is disbelief of what we were experiencing.

There may have been tears.

And I definitely yelled repeatedly, as loud as I could (just in case he might hear me),
"Joey, I will leave my husband for you!!"

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