Saturday, April 2, 2011

[ Birthday Blessing ]*

Late last night, David and I were in bed when his phone rang.

He and I gathered around the speaker phone and listened as 27 orphans sang me happy birthday in broken English.

Goodness gracious; My heart felt so full.

Then each child got on the phone and individually said, "Happy Birthday, Stephini Auntie!"

{And I knew Anjali's voice immediately.}

Edwin, their caregiver, told me that he knew it wasn't my birthday yet, but it was already April 2nd in India and the kids wanted to call before they went off to school.

Pretty sure that was the best birthday present ever.


The Hankinson's said...

how sweet of them!!! Hope you had a fabulous birthday!!!

Melia said...

I am in tears. What a joyous blessing the Lord gave you for your birthday! Very special, just like you!


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