Monday, April 11, 2011

[ Fluff ]*

Last night we had a special service at church where we shared about our experiences in India and Ghana.  Beforehand, I met with Joseph to put together some photos in a movie to run in the background while people were talking.  (Joseph was our team leader and is from Ghana.  Obviously, he is the non-pasty one in the photo below.)

As we were scrolling through the pictures, choosing which ones to include, Joseph noticed that I was not picking pictures of me.  The following conversation took place as a result of that observation:

Joseph: "Why are you not putting pictures of yourself in the slideshow?"

Me: "Joseph, no one wants to see my gigantic MUG," [I then realize English is not his first language, so he's probably not going to understand my wannabe gangsta slang]. "No one wants to see my gigantic head stretched across a gigantic screen."

Joseph: "Oh, do you think your head is big?"

Me: [Thinking in my gigantic head: Has he ever looked at me? ] I KNOW my head is big.  I'm cool with it though. So what if I have a melon head?"

To which Joseph then responds in such honest, childlike curiosity:

Joseph: "Is it that your head is big . . . or do you think it is just your very fluffy hair that makes it look big?"

1 comment:

katie davis said...

i think it's your lovely fluffy hair. i wish i had that excuse for my gigantic melon...


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