Tuesday, April 12, 2011

[ გმადლობთ ]*

One of the big obstacles has been our inability to find a way to learn to speak Telugu, so that we can talk one-on-one with the kids in India.  Telugu is the 15th most spoken language in the world, BUT it is spoken in one of the poorest regions in the world.  (ie: no need for most foreigners to learn it).  We have been searching everywhere for classes, online training, books, etc. with no luck.   So finally we just began praying that God would send us someone to teach us.  Last night, a friend from college, Robert Kesler, known just as Kesler in our fam, called last night to tell us that he has a friend from India.

Wait. It gets better.

From Andhra Pradesh (where the kids are from)

Wait for it. . .

Who speaks Telugu


. . .wants to teach us how to speak it!


So, გმადლობთ [pronounced: Dhanyavadhamulu (Dhan-ya-vada-mulu)], Kesler for helping us be able to talk to some very special children who are very dear to our hearts! What an incredible gift you have given us!

გმადლობთ just doesn't seem strong enough. :)

Also, just cause I think it is cool.  I learned Anjali's name today.  It is spelled: అంజలి
Isn't that beautiful?!

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Melia said...

Oh Steph!!! Wow, I mean, well, just WOW!!!! God is SO amazing!!!!


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