Saturday, January 22, 2011

[ Christmas on Walton Street ]*

[Totally unimportant caption: See the 7-ft white Christmas tree in our living room window? I spotted it in a thrift store in June and {insert dramatic pause} needed it.  I drug that bad boy through the aisles store like a lion after a kill.  And when I got to the cash register, it turns out it was on sale because, and I quote, "We didn't think anyone would buy it otherwise"...which I hear almost EVERY TIME I buy anything.  Original price: $2.  On sale for $1.]


Kristen Keeling said...

Oh, my goodness! Every picture looks like a postcard! You would think they were done by professional photographers or something! ;) (Yes, I'm still using the winky face because I've yet to have scientifical evidence to prove the boys' theory from last weekend.)

Hannah D said...

ooooh, the high def photography is SUPER cool, i'm a big fan!

steve, you definitely NEEDED that tree fo'sho, glad you dragged it through the store. it makes your house look so festive and $1?!?!, you're the queen o' bargain hunting... perhaps you should blog about that to teach us lesser educated folks the ropes :)


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