Sunday, April 18, 2010

Speaking of Time Travel

Thought you would get a kick out of these blasts from our past:

David Cannon: Age 5
Fashion Details: Coifed hair (with bangs), turtleneck, choo-choo bow tie, matching choo-choo sweater.
Best Accessory: What you cannot see (which was unfortunately cut off in my scanned copy of the photo) is David's gold ring with a big letter "D" on it that he was proudly displaying on his left hand. Let me be more specific, on his left pinky.

This was not a joke, people.

See, David's metrosexual ways/love of accessories started very, very early.

And my lack of fashion did too.

Hot messes-the both of us.


Hannah D said...

THERE IT IS!!!! So glad the pinky ring pic made it into the blog :) Sad you can't actually see said ring, but what is visible most definitely makes up for it!

Emilie Smith said...

i don't love the word freaking


y'all are freaking hilarious!

Kam said...

Holy cats! I needed a Monday laugh!

Amy said...

My 5 yr. old (Colby) was standing next to me and the computer when I pulled up your blog. As soon as he saw this picture he said, "That kid's wierd."

David said...

That kid was/is definitely weird. But look how shiny the hair was, even in pre-Pantene times.

Ashleigh said...

love the choo-choo bow tie and the white tube socks over the black tights.

David said...

I'm thinking about bringing the choo-choo bow tie back. Did Joel ever have one of those, Ashleigh?

David said...

Alright, last thing and I'll shut up... my sunken-in chest was in full effect in this picture. Look at my choo-choo sweater just trying to fill that thing up. It can't do it! Not enough fabric!


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