Monday, September 14, 2009

So proud of my man!

David's book is so good. I read almost all of it on the plane-ride home and literally laughed out loud. I was completely entertained and kept thinking, "Are you really reading a book about fishing?? And enjoying it?? What has happened to you, woman??"

I am constantly surprised at the man I married. When we first met he was as "city" as a guy can get. And now we is an outdoor writer. (And really, really gifted at it...I'd like to add.)

I can remember the very first thing that I read of his. We were at Young Harris. He liked me. I was oblivious. I only saw him as my buddy, Dave, that I had so much fun with. He told me that he loved to write and that his dream would be to go into journalism some day. He asked me to come over to his computer and as I sat next to him we both read silently a piece that he had written about a girl that he liked (that she did not know).

It was beautiful. I can remember thinking, "I can't believe this is coming from David Cannon". It gave me a whole new understanding of what he was made of and what was behind those highlighted hair-tips of his.

And even now, 8+ years later...I continued to be surprised by his heart, his gifts and the man that he is becoming.

So yeah, the book is good. The kid is one heck of a writer. But he is so much more than that and I couldn't possibly be more proud of him.

(The photo is of us around the same time I read David's writing for the 1st time. We were totally in the friend-zone.)

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