Friday, August 28, 2009

Life with the Keelings

As Stephanie said in a previous post, we couldn't believe it when somebody put a contract on our house in this market. The question was, where do we go from here?

Enter the Family of the Year, the Keelings! Bear, Kristen and Jonah invited us to stay in the guest bedroom of their home for as long as we need and, as hesitant as we were to infringe, they convinced us that they would enjoy having us.

Our goal was to be there for no more than six weeks while we looked for a great deal on a foreclosed house in the Loganville/Monroe area. Almost four months later and we're about to start moving into a downtown apartment over the shops in Monroe. We're signing a six month lease so that we can continue our search and hopefully find exactly what we're supposed to be in. Again, it's whatever God wants, so we're hoping He'll give us an idiot-proof sign.

I just looked for some photos of the apartment that we'll be staying in, but there are none to be found. We'll shoot plenty as we move in and after we're moved in so that you guys can see how cool it is.

And, still to come, some funny photos and stories of life with one of the most entertaining families around, the Keelings. Here are a few to whet your whistle:

Guitar with Jonah

Bear practicing fantastic "fire safety"

Bear pulling a bird's nest out of the... uh... ceiling fan. This is inside, mind you.

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