Thursday, August 27, 2009

We're Homeless: Part 1

Here’s some background to catch you up-to-speed on life as we know it:

At the very end of 2008, my “ruggedly handsome” husband and I started praying about putting our house up for sale. This sounded too crazy to almost everyone we talked to. But we put it up for sale anyway.

At Christmas we talked to an agent and at the beginning of 2009, our house was on the market (on “the worst housing market in history”, that is). And 12 weeks later we had a contract on it that was $25,000 MORE than what we owed on it. There is no doubt in our mind that it was orchestrated by God. It was simply unexplainable with human logic. It was absurd even. The buyers had their pick of 3 homes IDENTICAL to ours, in our neighborhood for $50,000 less. They even told us that they knew that it must seem crazy but they just felt drawn to our house for some reason. We know the Reason!

Then came the whirlwind. We had four days notice about our closing. FOUR DAYS OF INSANITY. Day 1: Delicately packing boxes, carefully wrapping every single item, labeling each and every box. Day 4: War scene. Stuff was flying like bullets. Gone were the days of boxes, and hello garbage bags opened wide as we literally THREW as much stuff in as we could. I could hear olive oil bottles crashing against the tile floor, yet we just kept throwing.

This is what I looked like packing:

(Take away the sash, gown and Vidal Sasson hair and it is almost like you were there.)

It was otherworldly. We peeled out of the driveway to make it to our closing in time and we were holding stuff out the window because we could not cram another inch into the truck.

So, there we were. Happy home-sellers. Signing the papers over to the new owner. Then the thought occurred. We sold our house. Now… where in the world are we going to live??

{ Like any great sitcom episode in the early nineties, this too will be continued… }

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