Wednesday, June 29, 2011

[ Tucker + Sadie Hill ]*

Our friend, Christy Segars, texted this pict to me while we were out of town.  It is a photo of two of her kids, Tucker and Sadie-Hill, who wanted to raise money to help provide a home for our friends in India.  So they set up a lemonade stand in their neighborhood.  A few days later and still wanting to do more, Sadie-Hill decided to bake cookies and sell them at a local baseball game.

Seeing the look on those sweet kids faces when they came rolling into the children's ministry with a big bag of quarters (not to be confused with a dime bag, as previously mentioned) was priceless.

To everyone who has given so generously, thank you.  It is so hard to verbalize what the response has meant to us.  God is doing a huge work in our hearts about how we live, and it is largely being shaped through seeing the faith and compassion of people, like Tucker and Sadie-Hill, who are burdened by the needs of others and desperate to do whatever they can to help meet those needs.

No wonder Jesus told us to become more like children in order to enter the kingdom of heaven.

And I'm starting to wonder if, in His foreknowledge, He could have been thinking about the Segars' kids when he said it? :)

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Kristen Keeling said...

Sooooooo sweet! [Sidenote: You comin' to the beach with us tomorrow? There's room in the car!]


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