Sunday, June 5, 2011

[ Crushin' ]*

We were told this week by one of our co-workers that his twenty-something daughter had a friend-crush on the dynamic Cannon duo.

(That would be us, by the way.)

Double-point and wink.

Which got me thinking about my crushes, which are legendary round these parts.

Why legendary?

Well, for starters, they are intense.  They are diverse. And most would say borderline creepy.

So without further delay, here are some people I am crushing on at the moment:

The "My crush has crossed into psycho-obsessive stalker mode / I listen to your Pandora station and videos on Youtube so much that your security team just might have my ip address: crush: Adele


The "Couple we could really be bffs with, if only they were real people" crush: Jim & Pam from The Office.  (As if I had to add "from The Office")


My "I want to be big and crazy (but maybe not so manly) and carry a pistol in my purse like you when I am grown-up" crush: Madea


My "We have so much in common, but I feel creepy because every word that comes out of my mouth to you is "Me Too" crush: Jenny Medlin

(Sidenote to Jenny: I felt extra creepy snooping on your facebook page for a picture.  Please do not share this with the whole salon where you work like you normally do.)

(PS. Her awesome photo was taken by Ashley Ottinger--who I am crushing on her graphic design skills, but that is another story.)


My "my goodness, I have a gigantic crush on your gigantic brain" crush: Herman Cain

My "Will you write my biography and then narrate the film version with your gravelly yet smooth voice" crush: David McCullough


My "I'm sorry, but I can't watch your show because of the very strong lustful thoughts that fill my mind when I do" crush: Steven Tyler

As I was looking at his photo and typing the above sentences, Steven was nominated as My "apparently I can't even blog about you without lusting" crush.

Steven also wins the "You changed my mind about tight pants on men" crush

and. . .

"I even like your fox tails and feathers in your hair" crush.


Hannah D said...

Um yeah...I def. have a friend crush on the Cannon duo too...I mean, yeah, come on, who doesn't?!

Amy E. said...

I have "friend crush" on you guys too! It's especially scary, I guess, because I really don't know you all that well outside of this blog and the occasional chat at church. But, I really just love how genuine and down to earth you guys are. The comic relief doesn't hurt either. And your love for the Lord just intensifies it. Ugh, now that IS a bit creepy. What exactly is an intensified friend crush?


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