Friday, April 15, 2011

[ My Heart is in India ]*

I walked in our keeping room yesterday evening and David was just staring at a photo of him and Anjali.  I sat down with him and he told me that he is trying to go nonstop everyday so that he can keep his mind off of her, but the second he stops, he feels like he is there.

It would be real easy for me to get jealous of that.  Or to be hurt by it.  Or feel that I am somehow inadequate. Or to not understand what he is feeling.

Except I feel the exact same way.

There is not an hour that goes by that I am not praying for her.  I'm anxious to hear from her caretaker (which we do multiple times a day), I'm anxious for news from our lawyer.  I'm anxious to meet her.  I'm anxious to be able to speak to her in the same language.  I'm anxious to hold her and tell her about this overwhelming love that God has given us for her.

I wanted to be honest with everyone so that if David and I seem distant, you will know it is because, right now, our hearts are not here.  They are with her.

Earlier this week we found some photos of her from David's first trip over 2 years ago.  She is one month away from turning 8 in these photos.  

Also, David mentioned in a previous post about when the orphans would ask to pray for him everyday while he was sick.  I found some photos of that also:


Hannah D said...

these pictures are so wonderful, thank you so much for sharing them. especially the last ones of the children praying over david. oh how beautiful the faith of precious children.

Nicole said...

praying for you both. for joy and hearts calmed by His peace on the journey!

Melia said...

I keep coming back to this post and reading it again and again. And every time that I do, I tear up and pray that the Lord will let this happen quickly. I marvel at the hearts of love that the Lord has created in you and David and I am thankful to call you both my friend!


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