Wednesday, April 6, 2011

[ About us ]*

Honestly, I'm not sure if I ever mentioned that we started a photography business last year. . .but just in case I haven't, we did.

There, I said it.  Now you know.

Anyways, a friend hired us to shoot a b-day party in April and then BOOM! (<--That was business.  Get it? Business boomed.)

So yeah, boom! and we were not at all prepared.  We were still working our full-time jobs and pouring in (on average) about 40-60 addition hours a week into photo shoots, editing, scheduling, etc.

Our heads were spinning and we never had time to even build a website. (Oops!)

Thankfully we have had some time to catch up and we started working on one.

Today I tackled the About Us section, figuratively.

[ PAUSE: Now would be a good time to mention the fact that David and I are trying to make the word figuratively as popular as literally has become in recent years.  Grammar lesson: You did not literally lose your mind.  You did not literally scream your head off.  You figuratively did these things.  So, America, join with us in using the word figuratively where it belongs and stop the overuse, abuse and incorrect use of literally.  Thank you. ]

Now I will figuratively step down from my soapbox and admit that I'm pretty sure that our About Us is totally LAME and we will never be hired AGAIN, but here is what I wrote:

I'm Steph. I don't carry a wallet.
Just my passport with a credit card stashed in.
This is perfect for impulsive international travel.
(Or exile, should that happen.)

The handsome fella with me is Dave.
He has a phenomenal beard that causes envy across the lands.
He wears it because without it he looks like the kid from Sixth Sense.
(He does not see dead people.)

We were comfy in the friend-zone for many years before God opened our eyes to one another. 
That eye-opening moment actually happened while we were standing on a speed bump
. . . in David's dorm room
. . .which he placed there to "help slow down the ladies".

(Head nod)

From that moment on, it was love.
(He liked it and did put a ring on it.)

We're still best buddies.
We work + play together 24/7.
And we think we make a pretty awesome team. 

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Hannah D said...

this is the most perfect description of the two of you crazy kids. ever.


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