Wednesday, February 23, 2011

[ Dear Dave, 2.22.2011 #4 ]*

Dear Dave,

Mom came over for a slumber party tonight.  We curled up in the bed with hibachi chicken, volcano rolls and American Idol.

I'm thinking it should be a weekly tradition.  Her commentary on the contestants is quite entertaining.

She gives the contestants nicknames like: Little Fat Boy, Meth Head, Big Ears and The White One.

Her labels weren't just politically incorrect; they were also sometimes painfully and obviously outright wrong.

For example, The White One was actually from the Middle East.

That woman is always good fun to have around.



katie davis said...

was that ashley girl who got married in vegas "meth head"?? because that's exactly what i thought when i saw her.

Stephanie Cannon said...

Katie-That would be the girl. You are welcome to drive down for the show ANYTIME! :)

The Hankinson's said...

I'm diggin' the Dear Dave letters...I think that needs to be a weekly tradition as well!


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