Thursday, January 13, 2011

[ From a Stranger ]*

Want to talk about being humbled?  How about receiving the following letter from a complete stranger: (I removed his name to protect his privacy):

Hello Stephanie,

My name is ___. I had the great joy of fishing with your husband David on Thursday of this week. He is a good, gentle, instructive and forgiving soul much like the One sent by the Father to teach us. You are a blessed woman to be married to him and to share him with old folks like me.

What an amazing day with your husband. I've fished all over North, Central and South America, I've fished with the best of the best, [he lists lots of specific names, but I removed those also].  I was a saltwater tournament fisherman for 20 plus years and I can say that yesterday was the best day of the 57 years of my fishing life. It was not that we caught great fish.......I've done that many times. It was not that the weather was great......been there and done that too.. It was simply that your husband "gets it". Much like our Lord, he managed to take a 40 something year old man who had never fly fished in his life, put waders and boots on him, a fly rod in his hand and teach him the joy of something.

I understand you work at your church. My wife of 35 years and I are blessed to have been given the gift of tithing early in our life together. We look for ministries, for things like food banks, battered women's shelters and such and to support with our treasure. If you're involved with one, please let me know the name and address. My wife, who saw the joy in my heart last night after fishing with your David, and I would like to share our blessings.

Hug and cherish your husband David......he is a unique and special gift to you and to many others.

Most sincerely,

As I read it, a huge lump developed in my throat.  What a blessing to hear words like that about my very best friend.  And what an incredible example of generosity from a complete stranger.  His words and his family's willingness to give, left both of us completely humbled.

I decided (after a few weeks) to share it here because I think it describes David better than even I could(!) and because it has really inspired both of us.  He and his wife made a huge donation to a charity near to my heart; a donation the size of what we usually raise from a big fundraising event. We thought, hopefully, their example might be an encouragement to you as well.

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Hannah D said...

Thank you so much for sharing this my sweet friend, so beautiful. Ya'lls marriage & the way you encourage each other & are each other's biggest fan is really inspiring. An encouragement to me to love my husband as God loves him--a practice you both so evidently do every single day. Love you both!


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