Monday, October 4, 2010

[ Walton Street ]*

Picked up a brochure about historic places in our town and the first paragraph was actually about the street we live on!  Thought those of you who haven't been here yet might like to know what others say about it.  I agree with it completely. :)

"Walton Street Neighborhood - One of downtown Monroe's oldest neighborhoods. Known for its grand homes and beautifully landscaped lawns. A stroll down this street will make you yearn for a cold glass of lemonade (and if it is past noon, a strong Mint Julep) and a good book to settle in on the front porch for a day. At one time this neighborhood was referred to as "Pill Hill" due to the number of doctors who lived here."

Okay, maybe I don't agree with it COMPLETELY.  It makes ME yearn for a Gentlemen Jim's (sweet tea, lemonade and cloves).

But, just so you know, we are loving it here.  From our first night here (when the bed feel apart as soon as we laid down at night), this has felt like home.

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