Wednesday, October 20, 2010

[ A letter from home ]*

Hi blog-readers,

I am Steph & Dave's house.  And I am kind of a big deal.  Maybe you saw the article about architectural history in this week's Walton Tribune? Notice that white hot cutie in the photograph? I know, I know...With looks and charm like that, it is hard not to notice.

Did you miss it by some chance? You can still check me out here >> And I do mean CHECK ME OUT. Oh yeah.

S & D didn't know about my big photo shoot. If they did maybe they would have tidied me up a bit and D would have moved his $10 Wal*mart brand converse shoes out of view.

While the Cannon's were off working behind a camera somewhere, I was working my magic in front of the lens.

I think I could make a career out of this.  Maybe I have a future as a "model home".
(Ha ha, elbow nudge, wink.)

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