Saturday, September 18, 2010

[ A few reasons I respect you }*

The following is a list that I must have started for David (almost a year ago). Figured I'd share it now since I am baring everything else:

Why I Respect You:

You have always encouraged me to do what I think will help the most people.  Since before we were ever married, you would constantly tell me that you think I can really do something incredible in this world and that you want me to always have the flexibility to do whatever it is that I feel like God is leading me to do and whatever does the most good in the world. Even when we talk about dreams, you tell me one of yours is to make enough money so that I can do anything without having to contribute any money for our family. 

You never talk to me harshly,  You are always gentle. Always kindhearted and patient.  You listen to me,  Hold me.  And even when I am nutso, you still love me.  Actually I think you love me even more when I am nutso.  That's kinda weird now that I think about it.

I respect you because you are so masculine.  You are strong, you are a provider, and you protect me.

I respect you because you are so generous with your feelings.  Every morning you tell me that I am beautiful.  Yes, I may be blind in the morning without my contacts, but I can still catch enough of a glimpse in the mirror to know that “beauty” is not the first thing that comes to mind.  But, I always feel beautiful with you.  I respect that you see beauty that is beyond your eyes.

When I ask you to hang a photo or artwork or anything else on the wall weekly—who am I kidding—daily, you do it.

I respect your thirst for knowledge.  The way you get obsessed with things and pursue it until you are an expert.

[My note: I suppose that I had to put it aside with hopes of coming back to it, but never did and that is why it just sort of ends abruptly.]

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