Monday, July 12, 2010

[ An apology ]*

Dear offended lover-of-the-jort,

I must admit, I am very impressed with the passion for the jort that I have experienced since my first post on the subject.  You, faithful jort-wearers, have sent me emails, facebook messages, texts & voicemails about your love for short denim.  You have pulled me aside discreetly at social events and you have held very public, very intense discussions.  No matter your method of communication, your message is clear:

You love your jorts.

And I respect that.

Yes, David and I have chosen not to partake in jort-love.  It is a personal decision that we have made for ourselves. 

We have chosen to abstain from the jort in this stage of life. It is possible that in our 50's we will readdress the matter. But for now, for us, this is the right decision.

I'm sorry if my views of the jort have hurt any feelings. It was not my intent.

Please know that there is not a shred of judgement in my heart towards you who choose to partake in this behavior.  Actually, I've seen firsthand that your jort-loyalty is completely unwavering and seems to run very deep.  And that in itself is commendable.

Although I don't necessarily understand, I do respect the gusto (like that of a Beanie Baby collector) that it takes to embrace it so strongly. 

So carry on, jort-wearers.  Be loud, be proud. Let your true faded blue colors fly.  

May your love for the jort never falter. May it only grow stronger in time.

With much respect, in my khakis,

Stephanie Cannon


Cali and Steve VanHorn said...

LAUGHING SOOOO SOOO HARD!! you are too funny! when i first read your jorts blog i was laughing really hard, but when i looked down....i was wearing them! hahhhaaa way to stand your ground!

Aunt Donna said...

You know I can still see the image when I shut my eyes of your Daddy in a pair of cut off jeans, no shirt and his army boots. I know that it was wayyyyy back before you were even a twinkle in his eye, but I think if he was still here with us that he would still be wearing his cut off jeans from time to time, just not with those boots.

We love you and David no matter what kind of shorts you wear, just as I know you love us as we continue to wear our jorts.

Unknown said...

Since you have made known your opionion about jorts. Actually made me aware of what they are called, who new.... I have seen every age person wearing jorts.... I saw a teenager the other day with short short jorts and cowboy boots... Just sayin..

Debbie Black


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