Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Keepin' it Klassy

What is more klassy than a weeknight dinner at Huddle House, you may ask?  How 'bout throwin' in a little karaoke. 

Last night was our first taste and, let me tell ya, it's tastin' gooood.

Started off the evening with a trio.  Our all-star ensemble was me, the Huddle House manager, and a very sweet man who I think was 710 years old.  He knew Moses in High School.

Our song of choice? Elvira.  I did the "A-Um da, a- um da, da da  Bow-bow's".

The crowd loved us. 

(Crowd=the cook, 2 waitresses, waitress's boyfriend & 4 other old men.)

Hil, Joel & I also covered Reba McIntyre's "Fancy", Poison's "Every Rose Has a Thorn" (which I dedicated to Hank Dichiara), and "All My Exes Live in Texas", just to name a few. 

Here's just a little samplin' for your listenin' pleasure:


During one of our performances I heard a waitress very loudly say to the cook, "I think the one with brown hair might be a little crazy."  I called her out on it over the microphone.

Our new friends asked us over & over again if we would come back.  (They must know raw talent when they see it)

And my old buddy--Moses's friend--has asked me to do a Johnny & June Cash duet with him next week.  We'll be there. . .with a real video camera to capture the magic.


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