Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Writer's Block

Can I confess something? 

A few weeks ago, my favorite magazine . . .
say it with me now, "Skirt!" Magazine" :) . . .
asked me if I would be interested in being one of their featured bloggers.

I screamed out loud I was so excited.

And I may have danced a little Irish jig too.  May have.

It was so flattering & such a big deal to me. A no-brainer.  Would I like to write for my favorite magazine?

Uh, yeah, I think so.

But then I started psyching my self out.

What the heck do I have to say?? 

I blog about peeing my pants, squirrel tails and Tauruses.  (Plural of Taurus??? Who knows!)  Basically, I blog about our (totally odd) lives.

Not exactly mass-appeal material.

Today I got an email from one of their "people" asking when I was going to start blogging.

Oh the pressure!!

So, I am coming to you--whoever you are--asking for advice on things that I can blog about for Skirt! 

(Take pity on me, for I am desperate and willing to repay your kindness with an Irish jig of choice.)


Unknown said...

Stephanie- I think its nice to hear about all the fun, funny, crazy, everyday things you do. I love the little window into others lives thru blogs. I bet more people than you think would love to hear about you! If they don't have anything specific that they want you to blog about keep going like you have been. It will end up exactly were it needs to be. And if all else fails write about moving that will surely provide hours of entertainment, everybody has a great moving story!!! Good Luck

Hannah D said...

keep on keepin' on, that's what i say...you are totally hilarious & entertaining! don't change a thing, you are candid, funny, honest, and real (fo' sho')...what more can anyone ask for? :)

now i just gotta go check this "skirt" mag out, sounds way fun! love you friend & congrats on the offer, you'll do great!


Cori said...

You go girl! How groovy that you are going to write for them. Cant wait to see your writing skills in action on Skirt mag! sorry I dont have fabulous ideas for you to write about - you seem to do a pretty fantastic job of entertaining!

jodi said...

I don't know anything about Skirt magazine, but what I do know is that you are a GREAT writer. You are fun and engaging and have quite a flair for it. Just do what you been doin'. You'll be fine! :)

katie davis said...

girl. write about the pant-peeing. more of that, i say.

Em Hoskins said...

You are incredibly charming and anything you write about will be great! Just go with the flow and forget about the pressure. Be yourself! That is why they asked you!


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