Sunday, January 31, 2010

While we are discussing tinkle...

I spend a lot of time with a terrific mom, Kristen Keeling. I think she should start a Dear Abby-like newspaper column to answer mommy questions. Since that column does not yet exist, I am making-up one, as well as her (fictional) response based on what I have seen her do first-hand.

Dear Momma Kristen,
I have a young son who has recently been potty-trained. He is all boy and loves to go pee-pee outside. The only problem is he always gets a little pee-pee on his clothes. Do you have any solutions? Your friend, Stephanie, says you are a great mom and may know some tricks.


Dear Tired,
When your son wants to "go", try these simple steps for a positive & clean result every time:


"Katy" Bernadette Cooper said...

THAT is hilarious. The last pic is simply the greatest!

Unknown said...

Hi Stephanie,

After a chain of emails I was forwarded your blog... I saw this story and thought it was the funniest blog post I have ever seen... I hope you don't mind, but I have copied this post and saved it locally on my computer to preserve it for eternity, or at least until an opportunity arises where these pictures should resurface... You know, Jonah's first date or wedding or something...

On a different note: along with all of the David Busting His Face stories, I think you have missed one of his most shining moments on the boat w/ the bucket. I think that your blog's readers need to hear that story too!

Hope to see you guys soon!


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