Monday, January 25, 2010

Chik-fil-a Lady

See this lady?

This is all that I know about her:
1. She works at Chik-fil-a in Loganville, GA.
2. Her family is not originally from the US (unless maybe Hawaii--no idea). I know this because:
3. She has an accent.
4. She is very, very nice and super friendly to everyone. (Probably one of the friendliest people I've ever met).
5. Everytime she sees me she says, "There is my sexy lady."

Errrkkkkkkk. I know your brain just slammed on the brakes for a second.

Let's recap:
  • A total stranger.
  • Female.
  • Calls me "her sexy lady".
  • Everytime she sees me.
No words.

Today was no different. I walked in with all the guys from work and she immediately came up to me with a huge hug (seriously, she is super nice) and said,

"Hey! There you are, my sexy lady."

Normally I just laugh nervously.

Really, really nervously.

Because, like I said, seriously there are no words for that.

Today, for some reason, I had words.

Words like, "Lady, I am starting to think you may be crazy."

And we both laughed. . .nervously. . .together.


Stephanie Cannon said...

Just a quick edition:
I have been so nervous about this entry. Just to clarify, this lady is just so friendly and nice and is one of the biggest reasons I love going to that Chik-fil-a. (If I am honest it is her and the cheesecake.) Plus, how could you not love someone with a personality like that?

Secondly,thanks for the numerous calls and emails informing me that she is the (current or previous) mayor's wife. (And that you agree that she is straight-up awesome.)

Emilie Smith said...

ha! that is so funny! girl, you are a sexy lady!!! even a mayor's wife thinks so.


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