Thursday, December 17, 2009

Put a Red Letter on my Chest

I need to confess something.

A few months ago we moved into our apartment in downtown Monroe.

And, I totally fell in love.

Head over heels and wholeheartedly.

{ Can't you see how smitten I am? }

It is precious. Everything I ever hoped for. (This photo was taken about 2 months ago and I promise, the place has grown in cuteness since then.)

It stole my heart.

I fell so hard, so fast, that during our ongoing house hunt, no other place has been able to even catch my eye. Nothing could compare to the feelings I have for our current home.

No other place could capture my heart like our little-bitty loft.

And then . . . well, and then. . . we found this:

And I must confess, I started having adulterous thoughts.

Really, really bad thoughts.

Thoughts of leaving our precious loft and committing to this adorable bungalow.

I think I could spend the rest of my life with this house. (Or at least the next 4-5 years.)

And now I am starting to think, "What loft??"


Emilie Smith said...

That is such a cute house Stephanie! And your loft is so cute too! Decisions, decisions! I really like the house though...I'm a sucker for front porches : )

Hannah D said...

oh my goodness, that house is too, too cute!!!! i mean, your loft is absolutely adorable as well....don't feel bad for making eyes at the house though, it's a looker for sure ;)


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