Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gather Round for Storytime

Three quick stories to share with you from the past few weeks:

I. Lunch with the Church Ladies
Went to lunch with some of the "church ladies" before Christmas:

There were two noteworthy moments.

#1: Two of the ladies, Darlene + Mildred, got into a fight over a snowman basket. (I was seated between them.)

It got heated and I thought I was going to have to use my body as a shield.
But then the argument seem to be settled when one of the ladies said,

"Oh, just let her have it. . ."

I let out a deep sign of relief realizing that I might not have to physically restrain one or both of them after all.

But then she finished her statement:

"Just let her have it . . . She's old."

And, #2 highlight from Lunch with the Church Ladies:
I met Carol Burnette:

II. Just What I Wanted
Also, recently we went to a pre-Christmas party, where this gift was given:

Yep, nothing says, "I care" quite like a squirrel skin.

Jonah was in my lap + his immediate reaction said it all:

III. A Warm Embrace
And lastly, before my trip to South Asia, David + I went on a date-night with a group of some of my favorites (which I fondly call "the Marietta girls" even though only 1 actually lives in Marietta) and their husbands.

During dinner, the waitress leaned down to David + I and said, "We'd like to bring your group some dessert platters, so y'all just pick out what you think everyone would like."

I was overcome with gratitude I guess. { Overcome may be an understatement. }

I sort of threw myself at her and said, "Oh my goodness! I am so happy I could hug you right now!" And I reached out for what I assumed would be a reciprocated embrace.

Instead I got this:

And a very stern, "Do not hug me. I am not a hugger."

I can only assume that maybe someone gave her a squirrel tail for Christmas.

-Stephanie Cannon

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thedunns said...

I LOVE your stories!!!! I will gather around anytime just to listen to your tales, and I'm so happy that I was there for the last one! Can't wait to see you tomorrow night @ Maggiano's :)


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