Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our steady decline into adult diapers

David and I have always talked about when we would actually feel like "grown ups".

In the past we would do certain "old" things to be funny. A good example would be our Christmas card photo from 4 years ago:

We thought it would be great to recreate the cheesiest, most horrible, stereotypically family photo. There was slicked-back hair, a sweater vest, an unnatural head tilt for Dave. For me there were huge gaudy Christmas package earrings, same tacky sweater, old woman hair and makeup AND A BELL NECKLACE for goodness sakes.

We laughed the entire time we stuffed and addressed Christmas cards, thinking about the laughter that it would bring to our friends and family. Thinking about everyone opening bill, after bill, realizing they had a card from us and then DYING when they saw what we had done to ourselves.

The cards were mailed and we waited in anticipation for people's responses.

Then the calls started.

"That is a really good picture of the two of you."

{What? Maybe they just didn't get it.}

"You two are cute."

{Okay, maybe we did not execute the plan to its full potential.}

And a letter from a friend from college:

"Stephanie, you looked so beautiful in your Christmas photo. Different from how you used to look, but beautiful. More grown-up." (She was dead serious.)

{Oh my goodness!! WHAT HAVE WE DONE?????}

Joke bombed.

I digress. All that to say, we used to do old people-things to be funny. Errrrr to try to be funny.

But, with mixed feelings I have to admit that we are now doing those same old-people things, not to hopefully mock/entertain others, but because, well, I suppose we enjoy them.

I realized that sad fact on our cruise in September when we had comparable cheesy photos taken (alright, $100 worth of cheesy photos) and loved them. Bought them and filled our 800 sq ft apartment with them. And now post them here. (I mean, when you spend $100 on photos they should be as many places as possible, right??)

In 2009 we both turned 27 years old.

And we both got old.

And because of the $100 worth of cruise photos, we are also broke.

At this rate we are probably just a few steps away from cat food for dinner.


Hannah D said...

Oh I completely disagree...that joke didn't bomb in the least! I still fall on the floor laughing EVERY SINGLE time I see ya'lls old Christmas photo...in fact, is it too late to request a Super Cheesy Christmas Card, Take Two?!?!?! Now that would be the cat's pajamas! (oh man, I JUST said that...well, what can i say...you've always know I come out with phrases that should be spoken from the mouth of an 80 year old granny...) Love you both & I'm totally serious about the take 2 card thing, fo' sho'

Brandon said...

Stephanie, this post and the one about the enemies of David's babyface are exactly what Al Gore had in mind when he invented the internet.

On behalf of the internet, thank you.

JessicaVorsatzHamby said...

I disagree as well.....I hysterically laughed and can still remember it to this day. In fact I think I still have that cheezy photo somewhere because well, it WAS that funny.
Love you guys....time to break out the bell necklace.


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