Monday, November 30, 2009

Most Prudent Investment Thus Far

This is me on the first day of our trip to South Asia:

. . .Wearing the outfit that I bought at a yard sale the week before.

For $1.50.

From Stewart Sink's wife; (the 2009 British Open winner).

These are a few of my co-workers:

. . . Mocking me.

. . . Asking if I was going to the Mission Field or Milan.

This is me on our 14-hour flight from Chicago to Abu Dhabi:

Why do I have such a smirk, you may ask.

In the words of the airline representative, "The lady in the white jacket looks very classy. I would like to upgrade as many people in your group as possible to first class."

This is what knowing that a $1.50 investment turned a $45,000.00 profit. ($9000 per person to upgrade from economy to business x 5 people.)

Just so you know, dearly loved mockers, I laughed about that all the way across the world.

. . . From my comfortable, ridiculously expensive airplane bed.


Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

Kam said...

This actually happened to us once! We were flying from Milan to London...and bazinga!!!! 1st class upgrade baby!!!!! It was stellar! No doubt yours was too. But sadly, I was not dressed nearly so dressy as you!


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