Thursday, October 1, 2009

Us + The Bradfords

I received the following as part of an email from my husband to Dale Bradford this morning:

"There are a lot of words that we use that don't make any sense. The latest one I heard was, "That don't make no sense neither." How did "neither" get in there? That doesn't make any sense at all. Maybe some hi-spanish that didn't know no English neither snuck that word in there. Or maybe he didn't neither.

All I know is that if I weren't no American neither and I came over here on a boat or on some truck with a prop welded to the drive shaft and old rusty oil barrells strapped to the sides to keep the 3/4-ton afloat, I'd be as ticked as Dillon Bradford in a grocery store that ran out of angel food cake. How in the world would you learn our language?

I mean, if you didn't know English and you turned the TV on MTV and heard something like: "Like, he said this and I was totally like 'WHATEVER!' And he said, 'Oh, nuh-uh!' And I said, 'For real? You think you can play me like that?'"... If I heard all of that, I'd drink a jug of antifreeze right then and there."

Yep, this pretty much sums up our relationship with Dale & Gina.

Well, that and the following photos from our "Dinner and a Movie" night last year where the movie was "Red Dawn" (about a Russian invasion of the USA) and dinner was delicious MREs. It can never just be a normal night with this crew.

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