Sunday, October 18, 2009

My father-in-law's fountain of youth

{ Before I begin, I need to give some background info for those of you who may not know our family very well. My father-in-law, Jay, is just a super nice, incredibly friendly, wholesome as apple pie kind of guy. Straight as an arrow. Very respected. The kind of stand-up guy that most people aim to be. (You get the point.) }

With that being said, let me begin:

Friday night David came home after a long day on the river and was a little down. He explained to me how he felt like he has become an old man. (I chuckled since I had written the previous blog about that very thing just hours before. A Taurus, really?) We decide that together we will work to bring him out of this funk and bring him back to his 20's.

So the following night we are driving to dinner with Dave's parents and I fill them in about David's plight. They seem concerned, so I proceed to ask the question, "So, do y'all have any ideas to help David feel young again? What can he do to be hip?"

Jay didn't pause for a mili-second. In fact, I don't think the "puh" sound from the word hip had even fallen off of my lips, before he makes his outburst. I am expecting him to tell his son that he is fine just the way he is. Or to suggest that maybe he start shooting hoops or pick up the guitar again. I was way off.

My straight-as-an-arrow, apple pie father-in-law bursts out, "Methamphetamine."

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Anonymous said...

Okay now THAT is HYSTERICAL! Oh and by the way...he could not be anymore hip if he tried...snap out of it you youngster you!


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