Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chicken Bone Intimacy

Last night David and I decided to go out to dinner just the two of us. Before you start to get grandiose visions in your mind as to how the evening went, let me give you three guesses of what our evening consisted of.

If you guessed: "Meaningful conversation?"
You are not even close.

If you guessed: "Heartfelt sharing, bonding moments, and other marriagish-stuff."
You must be joking.

But if you guessed: "Chicken Bone stuck in between David's two front teeth? Mouth filled to the brim with chicken and dressing and unable to close said-mouth due to the massive protruding bone that has wedged it open? Desperate to find anything to pry it loose? A 20-minute struggle to retrieve the bone with a dinner knife? All culminating in the obstructive bone being flung through the air and finally landing (with a loud THUD) on the table just inches from our waitress?"
Then you know us all too well.

Here are some pictures. I know that I should have been showing compassion towards my husband during his time of crisis, but seriously ya'll, this was just too good.

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